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Tim Buchholz

Team Navigator

Tim started adventure racing in 2004.  He first heard of the sport when he saw Eco-Challenge on TV and did his first race a couple years later with his girlfriend (now wife) Anna.  Tim has become one of the elite adventure racing and orienteering navigators in the country and is a previous Florida Orienteering State Champion.  Outside of adventure racing, Tim is an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Wisconsin Marathon County, where he is the director of choirs and music department coordinator.  You can find out more about Tim and his music at: www.timbuchholz.com

Anna Nummelin

Co-Navigator and Medical Specialist

Anna started adventure racing in 2004.  Her first race was a 12-hour AR that she did solo and she has since become one of the top female adventure racing athletes in the country.  Outside of adventure racing, Anna is a Family Nurse Practitioner working in Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine at Ministry Medical Group.  She also teaches belly dance at 5 Koshas Yoga in Wausau, WI. Even in her sleep, she can pace-count like nobody’s business.

Ryan Knitter

Strong Man and CP Flag Spotter

Ryan started adventure racing in 2009 after hearing about the sport from a friend.  He was hooked before he ever signed up for his first race.  After racing competitively for a few years, he took some time off in 2014 to pursue a masters degree through Northwestern University.  Ryan joined the team in 2015, adding incredible speed/strength on the bike, an uncanny ability to spot checkpoints, and a winning smile.  He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN and is an active member of the Minnesota Orienteering Club.

JJ Jehangir

Work Horse and Speed Specialist

JJ’s first big experience with endurance sports was riding his bicycle from his home in Chicago to the University of Miami, FL for his freshman year of college.  There he met Tim and Anna who got him to come to a short race.  He has been hooked on adventure racing ever since and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in endurance sports, including a win at a 50-mile foot race, completion of the Florida Keys 100-mile foot race, and racking up an incredible 505 miles at a 24-hour road bike race.

Erik Martinez

All-Around Athlete and Physical Therapist

Erik is an incredibly well rounded athlete, and is a glass-half-full kind of guy.  He is an accomplished marathon runner, orienteerer, and adventure racer, and our team clothing and layering expert, always selecting the perfect race apparel for any weather condition.  Outside of racing, Erik is a Physical Therapist, and sought after wedding singer.  He lives in Chicago, IL with his wife Becky, twin children Nora and Owen, and dogs Bill and Ted.

Team Members

Andrea Larson

Endurance Athlete Extraordinaire

Andrea started running in 6th grade and hasn’t stopped since. She was a three sport athlete in college where she set the school record in the 1500m.  Upon graduating she has balanced endurance training while working as a Research and Development Chemical Engineer where she met her husband, Simon.  Having never run a marathon, she decided to start racing ultra-marathons.  She competed in the Leadville 100 mile trail race twice, improving to a podium finish as well as breaking a 50 mile course record.  The next year she “switched gears” and was runner-up in her first bike race, a solo 24-hour mountain bike race.  She then took a break from competition but continued to stay active, running or roller skiing to work most days, including up to the day of the birth of each of her daughters.  After a four year “retirement” Andrea is now excited to join Rib Mountain Racing.